What's the lousiest meal you ever had?

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What bit, in a culinary sense? What's the lousiest meal you ever ate?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), January 06, 2000


Well, it's all relative. The absolutely worst meals I've ever eaten were what I cooked myself during my first year out of college. I remember one meatloaf in particular, that became sort of a gluey carbon mess due to being overcooked at too low a temperature. I had to eat it, because there wasn't room in the budget for anything else. The beet soup with egg and onion was another, less easily explained mistake.

The most disappointing meal I ever had was at the Plaza Hotel in New York. It's a very ritzy place on the southeast corner of Central Park, and I was attending a charity banquet. A friend of mine had just recovered from non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and when he invited me to a fundraiser for the illness (with his mother and girlfriend), I wasn't going to say no, even though the price for a ticket was $230. What did we get for the money? Chicken pot pie, the Plaza'specialty. I couldn't believe that I paid $230 for chicken pot pie. I mean, about $175 went for cancer research, which is good. But, chicken pot pie?

-- Tom Dean (tdean@haese.com), January 06, 2000.

Any wedding reception dinners come to mind? Steak, chicken or fish. Usually way overdone and dry. Blech.

-- Stephanie B (stefbat@earthlink.net), January 06, 2000.

Wedding reception for a friend of mine. Roast beef was tough, and the rolls were tooth chippers. You have to understand, I'm a bread freak. Bad bread....bad meal....

-- Bob Beltran (kelly-bob@excite.com), January 06, 2000.

traveling cross country, after tries in two different cities, i found that one nameless chain served the most plastic, cardboardy food. nothing served was appetizing, it was food, clean, what wasn't tastless, was distasteful. yuck

-- ici jongleur (ionoi@webtv.net), January 06, 2000.

i want to talk about the meat of your essay this time. this company olympics is a familiar thing to me. before i retired i worked for a large corporation who put on and inspirational program, led by a very professional man. the program material was logical, common sense and practical. all in all it was an attempt to foster good will and cooperation between us peons and the supervisors. i think the top dogs had a good idea, the "camp" held after the course put supervisors together with peons and we had challanges both physical and mental solve as a team. oh man, it was great, and fun and we found out that our supervisors were human and put their pants on one leg at a time too. there were two things wrong with the whole operation. one - - after we all returned to work the next day - - - while we peons were trying to make progress through what we learned, we soon found out that the supervisors went back to the same-o same-o style of bossing. two - - the top dogs failed the keep their fingers in the pie, so they didn't realize what was going on. al, it sorta looks like you, "been there, done that"

-- doug (ionoi@webtv.net), January 08, 2000.

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