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I'm new to this forum so my questions may have already been discussed. I am an artist displaying my images on the web as a promotional tool ( I would like to prevent as much copyright infringement and misuse of my images as possible, either in print or on the web. At the same time, I would like to present good quality reproductions of my work that will download quickly, with the possibility of viewing portions of detail by clicking on the main image. Is this possible with Flashpix? In other words, I want people to be able to zoom in and SEE the work as clearly as possible, while discouraging viewers from clipping and borrowing them without permission. I realize that it's impossible to totally eliminate piracy of images on the web, but right now I'm posting low-res files on my site in hopes that if people copy them, they won't get a high-quality version. Some people have wanted to see more detail, so I usually send them a higher-res version, but I don't post it on my site.

Justin Kunz

-- Justin Kunz (, January 05, 2000

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