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I have been getting some complaints about posts that do not relate to Y2K or possible Y2K incidents. There are numerous issues swirling around that many of our reporters want to post and to record as part of the history of Y2K. For that reason, we are including posts that relate to the human side of Y2K.

As advertised, this site's primary purpose is to "report any issues or incidents that are of interest. These may or may not be Y2K-related system failures and should include human behavior and other issues of interest."

We have categories to separate the human issues from the technical issues. Please use them to your fullest advantage both when posting and reading messges. (See the bottom of the main page for the categories.)

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, January 05, 2000


Then you'll just be replicating the Timebomb2000 forum.

Seems little point in having two forums with duplicate contents. Other than egotism, of course.

-- Servant (, January 06, 2000.


Help me understand your concerns for this forum.

If you're not finding value in the information posted to this forum, then what's the point of returning to it?

If you are finding value in the information posted to this forum, then what kind of a response would you like to see from your posted concerns?

Same phone number as yesterday - 910-790-5677.


-- Critt Jarvis (, January 06, 2000.

As you may have seen, we updated the GICC Posting Guidelines reinforce our desire to collect only Y2K-related or possibly Y2K- related issues or incidents. We appreciate the reports of other issues but we want to focus on collecting only Y2K-related issues.

Updated 3000.01.06

Volunteers are asked to report any Y2K-related or possibly Y2K- related issues or incidents that are of interest, including human behavior and community impact. Please do not post stories with no likely Y2K connection. If you suspect a Y2K connection but are not sure, please take extra care to give investigation leads for followup by GICC analysts.

Only verifiable information should be posted. Moderators will delete any inappropriate postings. Rumors may only be published when clearly described as such as must be posted to the rumor category (these will be confirmed or debunked as appropriate). All posts are to include as much information as possible about the incident. When possible a source should be given.

These are now included on the "Ask a Question" page.

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, January 06, 2000.

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