Want to buy 16X Canon XL-1 lens

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I have the chance to try the Optex lens, I returned it in exchange for the GL-1. It is very sharp but I miss some of the XL-1 features like Auto exposure, slow shutter & AE lock. I'm waiting also for the review on the new 14X Canon lens. I have an XL-1 without lens I have yet to decide if I go with New Manual Lens or just go with a used 16X original lens. To all XL-1 owners: Give me a good price on the Original 16X lens if you want to sell yours, so you can switch to the 14X Manual. I need the lens by 01/15/2000. B&H has the 14X for $1,599, my credit card is ready, just waiting for a user review. My cash is also ready for a used 16X Original lens. I'll buy the lowest price please e-mail me at jezdbez@aol.com

-- Jess Amonoy (jezdbez@aol.com), January 05, 2000


jess amonoy i have a new xl1 havent realy used it yet just to test it out with the free tape they give you.im still doing a 16m film . may consider selling because im in no rush to use .give me a buzz i am in ny.i am going to buy the new one anyway.

-- ed x (epinkett@yahoo.com), January 05, 2000.

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