Tiawan goes up as the world goes down?

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The frenzy of stock market activity for last several years is interesting, what is interesting is as the NasDOG and the HONG KONG markets melt down, the Taiwan market is UP? Taiwan is a big creditor nation. It owns lots of Tbills and lots of stock (and physical plant) Why when the pollies of the world are scared, is Taiwan buying?

Things will get ugly before they get better....

-- Helium (Heliumavid@yahoo.com), January 04, 2000


Actually, if you look at which Asian stockmarkets did least badly last night, you may see another possibility

Up: Pakistan, Taiwan, China Down less than 2.5%: India, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka

Really hammered: HK, Singapore

My guess is that money was "parked" in well-established markets (Europe, USA, "locally" HK and Singapore) and now that Y2K is seen not to be a big deal, it's being re-invested in the more speculative developing markets. (Japan's not developing, but it is a recovery play and was thought to be a big Y2K risk).

And the real bubble trouble remains somewhere in the future.

-- Nigel (nra@maxwell.ph.kcl.ac.uk), January 05, 2000.

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