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A section B front page article from the Columbian. in Vancouver Wash reads Y2k causes only minor glitches at local schools. It goes on to 0say " apart from a few hiccups and unrelated problems, computer and other systems are up and running at schools across Clark County...the story continues on page 5. The third paragraph begins "The biggest problem noted at local schools over the weekend and MOnday, officials say, wasn't Y2K related. Email and Internet acces at many schools in SouthWest Wash failed Monday apparently because of Malfunctioning US West equipment that had been working over the weekend and early Monday...hmmm I am wondering how certain officials are sure that US West difficulties were not Y2k related...was there perhaps a non mission critical system involved??? I do not know if they are up yet???anybody else know ??? Cindi

-- CindiFisher (, January 04, 2000


It is amazing the number of computer glitches that have appeared in the last 4 to 5 days that are "unrelated" to Y2K. Me thinks being bitten by the Y2K bug is akin to having a dirty house.. and no one wants the public to think they are a rotten housekeeper.

-- Cyndi Crowder (, January 04, 2000.

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