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I was wondering if anyone else has purchased the T Wave Touramics Laundry disc from Lehman's? I purchased one about a year ago, and I've been pleased but lately I've been adding about 1/4 cup of laundry detergent with each load. The money savings has been great, now I'm concerned with it "wearing out". How does one know when it needs to be replaced? Any input, good or bad, would be appreciated.

-- Charleen Satkowski (, January 04, 2000


The ones I've seen in those home-item catalogues say they are good for about 400 loads. I've never purchased/used, so I can't make any testimonials Sue

-- Sue Landress (, January 04, 2000.

I've been using a couple of discs myself for three months now on everything from lace curtains to muddy barn clothes. I love them. Sometimes a little borax or borateem can be added for really tough stains. But adding the detergent is really defeating their purpose. I believe my clothes are softer and cleaner because they no longer have detergent residue buildup in addition to the ionic exchange. And you will definetly know when they need replacing....your clothes will no longer get as clean. Actually the biggest adjustment at first is that the clothes no longer have a detergent odor. Hope this helps. Kate N.Y.

-- Kate Henderson (, January 05, 2000.

I bought my laundry discs about 1 1/2 years ago from Real Goods catalogue. I love saving the environment from laundry soap and have the "wash" water diverted out to water the garden (I live in northern Calif). I also started to use laundry soap a couple of months ago and found it unnecessary. The only reason I can figue out why was that I must have felt guilty not washing dirty clothes with soap. Yes, the discs last for 300 or more washes.

-- Jan Allan (, January 09, 2000.

Does the disks even work well on manured barn clothes ? Who carrys them beside Lehmans?

-- Patty Gamble (, January 11, 2000.

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