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i'm going to be taking some photos of a friend of mine for a modeling agency very soon and i need to know what kind of film would do good for portraits and not be too grainy. if you could please offer some suggestions!

-- Buffy Sommers (bluefleur@aol.com), January 04, 2000


If this is your first 'head shot' shoot, I would suggest using flat lighting; if you don't have a softbox or umbrellas, maybe shaded sunlight with a white bounce in front of the model. TMX, Delta 100 FP4, APX 100, or any other 100ISO film is going to be fine for an 8x10 headshot. If the light sucks then any of the 400 ISO films will work just as well. The point is that the film is less important than the lighting for these guys (agencies, etc.); just don't use 1600-3200 ISO unless you also develop it yourself and use a fine-grained developer. FLATTER YOUR SUBJECT, but don't get artistic; most agencies seem to hate not being able to see the 'real' model because of high-stylization of the photographer's part. my 2cents. shawn

-- shawn gibson (SeeInsideForever@yahoo.com), January 04, 2000.

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