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I am desperately trying to get a shopping cart to work.. everytime I change something, I mess something else up... I thought I had configured the smart.cfg file correctly, But the links don't work, the products ordered don't work... I have gave 755 permissions to all .html files and .cgi files I have given the 777 permission to the demo.db file.. and 755 to the .lib file.

I need someone to help me configure this.. Now my shopping cart won't allow you to click on the second item... either...

I would like to include OPtional Flavors for each item and have the flavors show up on the review and buy screens, but cannot get that configured right, nor can i get the shopping cart main page configured correctly to work !!

I am just getting so confused and upset, I need some help, ASAP

Once I get the page to work... I will move it to the correct server, but this one is my programming page for now.

I would be willing to send anyone my smart.cfg file... or even allow them access to the files via ftp if you know what I've done wrong.

Trudy Myrland

-- Trudy Myrland (, January 04, 2000


Do you think anybody in this forum ever got an answer ?

I think that Barry Robison must be a very strange sort... Never answering. So I test this Forum

Sorry if you get a mail out of this

-- Forum Tester (, January 04, 2000.

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