"Father of the Internet" bitten by Y2K Bug

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Y2K Bug Bites Gore The Associated Press Monday, Jan. 3, 2000; 6:57 p.m. EST

WASHINGTON  Al Gore helped lead the federal response to Y2K, but that doesn't mean his own Internet operations went bug-free.

The computer glitch took a tiny bite out of Gore's campaign Web site. The damage came inside his "virtual town hall," where a message from a supporter was dated January 3, 19100.

When 1999 became 2000, some computers decided that the year following 19-99 is 19-100.

Gore's campaign explained that the mistake was visible only on computers using a certain type of browser and that it was quickly fixed. Besides, they said, it wasn't exactly a major glitch, even for the man who once claimed to have invented the Internet.

"Maybe a few people saw an error. Most people didn't. It's extremely minor," said Gore spokeswoman Kathleen Begala. "Be that as it may, we want to have every person dialing up www.algore2000.com to get the perfect Web site. And now they will."

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-- Cyndi Crowder (cyncrowder@aol.com), January 03, 2000

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