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CTV National 11 p.m. [Canadian Television] news aired a story at the top of the news basically saying, "so far everything has been okay, but watch out for tomorrow." Tobias Fischer reported that big business is confident there will be no problems, but small businesses that did not make repairs will likely experience problems similar to the U.S. video outlet that charged customers for 100 years of late charges. A spokesman for the "International Y2K Centre" said they expect lots of small problems. Another "Y2K expert" said the "only time software fails is when it is used, and it has not been used for three days."

As an addendum they said good Canadian boy Peter De Jaeger, who still claims to have sent the first warning, [wrong of course] has sold his for $14.4 million. [$14.4].

Richard Wright 10:22 PST

-- Richard Wright (, January 03, 2000


The De Jaeger story was true but the offer was $10 millin and it was a hoax. Too bad Peter.

Richard Wright

-- Richard Wright (, January 06, 2000.

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