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Posted by ( Mr Polly on January 02, 2000 at 21:58:36:


I was wondering....with the lack of bad news....I suspect something more is behind all the post that good news is a cover up, doom still coming, ect.

Yes, of course some of it is de-nile and not wanting to step up to the crow lunch line. But I wonder if some of this type of posting is done by a few for three reasons:

First, there is the anti-gov element. They might be wanting to keep the rhetoric going to preserve membership and advertise for new memebers who might visit via a search engine hit. They always want keep the mill churning out fresh meat as long as they can. Every recruit counts! Wonder about private e-mail contacts with likely "recruits"....

Second, vendors want to keep the "ready market" ready for their next sale items. Notice all the talk about "hey I'm still prepping"....and better keep the preps.....still possible to be bad stuff happen/Y2K problems.... IF they read about other people still buying stuff....they maybe they ahd better do so as welll....just in many are doing it.....not just's ok.....i'm not an oddball....

Plus....wonder if this is to keep the doomers from returning the stuff within the time period they can get a refund?! Isn't there a law you can send something back within 30 days if purchased via mail order? Wonder how many comments are geared to dupe them into keeping their purchases past the point of "no return". BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!! DUPED AGAIN!!!! BWAHAAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Bet a couple of vendors are doing this!

Also, maybe they want to keep the audience primed to buy, but need time to put together the next marketing campaign after they figure out see what they should sell to their target amrket at TB2000!

Third, maybe they just want to keep the hit and eyeball count up to sell/market the forumn as best they can. Are banner ads next to "support" their need for a faster server? With others cashing out their Y2K URL/domain names.....maybe they are trying to keep the stats up while they figure how best to position and package the hysterium for sale. Of course this would be a "morphing" and "handing off"....but wonder if this is why Yourdon himself is now on the delete keys.....wanting to keep his "cyber-property" free of litter for those who might want to "buy it".....

SMP says follow the money! I'm wondering if the above or something similar is behind a lot of what "appears" and is deleted at TB2000. I wonder.........not all of them of course....but some of them.....very plausable I think! Got to keep the whole thing going as they best decide how to milk it for whatever's left to milk!

Bet some sysops are being used while the profiteers are figuring out how best to profit form the free labor of some sysops. Sad how the saps are being chumped out of their time and energy while others profit and laugh all the way to the some have so far.

Thinking.....amusing and sad, isn't it?

Mr Polly

Mr Polly

-- anon (, January 03, 2000

-- Mr Polly (, January 03, 2000

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