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It seems like every glitch story that makes the news is immediately removed; and I don't mean archived; I mean removed! I just spent one and one half hours hunting for an article that was posted to ABC Australia about a liquid fuel fire at a power plant. The URL was no longer an access point for it and absolutely no amount of searching the archives would turn it up. Not only that, when I searched under "Y2K" it came back and said "0" stories. Last night I spent two hours hunting for a story about a black out in LA. It was confirmed to me by a very reputable source that it was in Bloomberg News. But, no amount of searching would bring that story up. Now there's Gambia: I saw two accounts in news articles that said the Y2K bug had bitten Gambia and that power, banking, transportation...were all down. Now, that story has been removed and in it's place is one that says "Everything in Gambia is fine and it wasn't Y2K afterall". It then goes on to say that Gambia will be taking another holiday tommorrow...but that's not Y2K either.

This is getting ridiculous; these aren't news agencies, these are large corporations and governments feeding us all the story they want us to believe. I'm very frustrated!

-- meg davis (, January 02, 2000


Agreed, I just now saw Ron Insanna on CNBC do a Y2K update on the India markets about to open in 20 minutes. The reporter by phone on location confirming all is well in India. No mention of the report of the Islamabad Exchange crashing yesterday. How convenient. also the Frontier News link to the story is gone. How convenient.

-- Adrian David Heath (Montgomery County, TX) (, January 02, 2000.

Re information about Gambia removed. Apparently not all information was removed. Here's a link:

-- Walter Eagle (, January 03, 2000.

"all is well in India. No mention of the report of the Islamabad Exchange crashing yesterday"

What's the connection, other than that they're on the same continent? Do you think the New York exchange is in Canada. Or Cuba, for that matter?

-- Servant (, January 05, 2000.

I suppose that "Servant" was pointing out that Islamabad is in Pakistan. We have been unable to confirm the one news report that it suffered Y2K problems. msg_id=002BGs

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, January 05, 2000.

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