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I have a Brownie Junior six-20 and would like information on using it. I can't seem to get it open either. When I pull out the winder key I still can't open it. Kat Anderson

-- Kat Anderson (, January 02, 2000


Hello Kat. I have this box camera and instruction booklet in my collection. This is how you open it. On the top of the camera there should be a leather handle. The front part(closest to the lens) of the handle, joins to a silver coloured knob. (before pulling knob you have to pull out the film winder on the side of the camera) The knob is a release, if you pull it up it should open. It will seperate the front (Lens area) of the camera with the back(box area)of the camera.If you have any problems I can send you a scan of the booklet page on how to open the camera. You do know that 620 film is hard to get unless you respool 120 film. Damien.

-- Damien liew (, January 11, 2000.

Also, I just opened one for the first time this evening. Keep in mind that if the box is warped that you might have to simultaneously squeeze the box on the top and bottom in order to pull the front forward. The film advance knob tends to stay engaged with the film roll if that side of the box is warped inward. Hope that helps.

-- Andrew Woodward (, July 01, 2002.

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