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I am a novice gardener with a passion for mushrooms. I realize that mushrooms are not like most garden vegetables because they are not grown from seeds. However, I would love to hear from anyone who knows how to cultivate them (if it is possible to do that at all on a small scale). Please keep in mind that since I live in a 1-bedroom apartment, it is not possible for me to grow anything indoors.

-- Anne Sieck (, January 01, 2000


Depending on the type of mushroom you are looking to grow Henry Field www, or Gurneys carry a couple of nice mushroom kits.

-- kathy h (, January 02, 2000.

Try the North American Mycological Association at that includes great links and cultivation info. A great way to start with mushrooms and learn a little bit without great expense is to purchase a kit for $25. They have links for other great mushroom sites that sell retail/wholesale. Good luck.

-- Anne Martin (, January 08, 2000.

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