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00/01/01 I thought I heard on the news (cbs I think) that Italy didn't do anything to prepare for 2000 and came through with no major problems. How true is that? Was that true for just the government or did a lot of corporations over there take this attitude too?

It would be refreshing to know that there is at least one place on this planet where people aren't ruled by hysteria. I am not afraid to say that I was greatly embarrased to see our (US) government and so many large corporations just binge-out and dump so much money trying to fix a lot of things that weren't really likely to break. I seems like administrators must think engineers are a bunch of dumb-clucks that can't figure their way out of a wet paper bag. For the past two years I was wishing that the 2000 dilemma could have be dealt with in a more economical and sensible manor. Sorry for the soapbox speech, but thanks for the opportunity to get this off my conscious.

-- Donald Kamp (, January 01, 2000

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