ARGHHHH.... If i dont get help i will throw the best game i ever played in a trashcan!!! :) : LUSENET : Planescape: Torment : One Thread

damn i got very stuck! 1st. How to get that burning mage ignus in my party?? I got the Incanter to squelch the fire but i need a word of command too. Where to find this word????

2nd. I cant get to ravel!!! Where is that damn portal? I got the bloddy handkerchief but i cant find the portal!

-- as displayed in my E-mail adress (, January 01, 2000


Well for the password for ignus go to cleric's ward, the is a cafe around bottom left, talk to a girl, she will give it to ya. And for the portal well.... im stuck there too....

-- Stefan (, January 01, 2000.

Ok, the portal to Ravel, you have to get reciept from the Advocate and pick up somthing that you had made years ago, he will give you the portal, right click on it and select use, portal opens up and you are transported to Ravel. Bit of advice, once you go, you are there for awhile.... a long while :) Take lots of healing with you for your party, the going gets really rough.

-- Lisa (, January 04, 2000.

the girls name is Nemelle. If it's not her it's her companion Aelwyn.

-- Ronald Morgan (rmorgan, January 11, 2000.

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