Misleading Expectations? (Media)

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Jan. 1, 7:45 a.m. This bit appeared in a Wired story this morning:



Koskinen cautioned Friday that it was too early to declare complete victory over the 2000 computer glitch, even as the new century dawned with few reported technical hitches or glitches in much of the world.

"By sometime on Tuesday, we'll have a pretty good idea of where we are in the United States," he said. It would take a day or two after that "before we can start to close the books on Y2K for the world."


This message was naively repeated frequently in mainstream media throughout the rollover, and is now being supported by Koskenin himself. We are witnessing understandable euphoric global celebration over squeaking through the rollover without a major glitch. However, it seems prudent to keep cautionary preparations in place. A whole host of experts, including GartnerGroup, have demonstrated convincingly that there is much more to come, that we won't be able to "close the books" on Y2K for months or even years. Vigilance is essential.

-- Michael Brownlee (Tucson) (michael@visibiliti.com), January 01, 2000


A day or two after that. Geesh. How many months did Hershey's suffer from distribution problems before they went public with them? And didn't they go public with them only because they had to explain lower than expected earnings?

-- Lane Core Jr. (elcore@sgi.net), January 01, 2000.

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