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Based on God's cycles, the markets were not in line for a crash therefor I predicted Y2K would only be a BITR. Gold is still poised for a nice rebound rally to start before Jan. 21. If you want to play the stock maket now there is a $12 stock (symbol PTIS) that is positioned for a 1 month blast upward. The Janus Worldwide fund made me $25K last month and still looks tremendous over the next year with the only posible weakness occuring between April and June. Procrastinators could wait until July for another blow -up.

-- Just John (, January 01, 2000


I have a very strong feeling I will regret asking this but what does this mean "Based on God's cycles, the markets were not in line for a crash..."?

-- Butt Nugget (, January 01, 2000.

John the Baptist. Didn't he lose his head? Put a pumpkin on that stump of yours. I'm sure it would say more meaningful things.

-- Leonard Chmielecki (, January 01, 2000.

God's world was created to run on cycles; the moon's rotation; the seasons; reproduction; etc. As the great commodity traders Elliot and Gann discovered, the markets also follow cycles for those who care to discover them. Each stock and commodity follows it's own cycle and can be found. Here's a simple test: Pull up a one year chart of any stock or commodity; put your left index finger on a significant high or low in the first 3 months; now count 4 months out and find the corresponding cycle high or low and put your right index finger on that. Now start tracing them simultaneously across the chart. You will see that they move in unison, the only difference being in the size of the moves. Regardless, you have the trend of that market.

-- Just John (, January 01, 2000.

Now here's a sample of what is wrong with this forum and why you are all in shock this morning. Poeple with legitimate viewpoints contrary to what the majority were posting were mocked, called Polly's (an insult) and trolls (a big insult). Meanwhile obvious loonies like this guy, Andy, and INVAR and just mean people like KOS were given credibility and could post anything because they went along with the thinking of the shameless profiteer who started this forum.

Now I'll admit I got carried away because my feelings were hurt when my posts were deleted. I never really thought Squire was the anti- christ. That being said, I was reading where they are going use rats to clear land mines so Dianne may want to keep her head down just in case.

BTW the non BITR rollover while nice is much less significant an event than what will greet us at work on Monday or Tuesday.

-- Jim1Bets (, January 01, 2000.

I follow the markets and the forum and Just John did predict months ago that the markets would only have a fall pullback and not crash.You may remember his line has been profit from the prophet. He does seem to have an uncanny insight and I think I'm going to look into this stock PTIS. He did say gold would rebound in January only to fall back again (that was a couple of months ago). This guy seems to be genuine and only out to give godly advice.

-- grady bennett (, January 01, 2000.

Meanwhile obvious loonies like this guy, Andy, and INVAR and just mean people like KOS were given credibility

Thanks Jim1 I take that as a complement!

-- Andy (, January 01, 2000.

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