Yashica Mat 124G ( croping )

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could someone help me please, While surfing the photo sites I came across an article in reference to puting squares of tape in the four corners of the veiwing screen on the Mat 124 to allow for croping later in enlargments. I cant find the site again. If this makes sence too anyone Please help. I would be greatfull, for the step by step guide if any can be had Thank you

-- Ken Bauer (shebe@msn.com), January 01, 2000


Doesn't make sense to me, what's the purpose? I could see using some of that really thin (1mm) tape found in drafting supply stores, or a magic marker, to give an outline for an 8x10 proportion on the screen; but I don't see a purpose in "squares" of tape.

-- Wayne DeWitt (wdewitt@snip.net), January 07, 2000.

I've been waiting a week for someone to point out the obvious (doesn't seem like many people visit this message board). Putting an appropriately-sized square of tape in each corner serves the same purpose as placing individual lines on the groundglass - it will give an outline for 8x10 vertical and horizontal framing.

-- Wayne Dewitt (wdewitt@snip.net), January 14, 2000.

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