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Original question Subject: More failed Doomer predictions

Are these folks humiliated yet? I think we should make the distinction between "the power grid" and electrical utilities. If by "the power grid" we refer to the darn-near 100% interconnected electrical generation and distribution system in the US, yes kiss it good-bye.

-- Ken Seger (, March 22, 1998.

"Electricity: Kiss It GoodBye For A Long Time"

Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, November 09, 1999.

I think the power will go off on Dec 31. I'm expecting weeks of power outages...

-- Crono (, November 11, 1999.

Since my power company is PSE&G the answer is NO! They started late and haven't caught up. I expect 2-3 weeks of black with 6-8 months of 'dirty' juice.

TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), November 10, 1999.

All in all, I expect to be without electrical power for AT LEAST 10 days. That's my definition of a "BITR".

GoldReal (, November 10, 1999. "Klinton's plan is simple. He will turn out the power in NYC when the ball drops. Then declare martial law to stop the riots. Special UN troops will spread across the country burning and looting in each time zone as the hour passes and the lights are turned off. By Saturday noon, it will all be over.

Better be ready for the resistance movement."


-- Y2K Pro (

-- Steve (, January 01, 2000

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