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I'm having a real hell of a time keeping fiber based prints flat. I've tried drying both on screens and by hanging back-to-back with clothespins, with the latter seemingly more successful. however, i'm having one nagging problem: when the prints are pressed flat, the edges end up rumpled, something that could almost be described as "scalloped." to remedy this i've been using 1-inch borders all around, but i don't like it. is there any way to avoid this without dry-mounting, which i want to avoid because it's non-reversable and involves yet more expensive equipment, i.e, a press.

any suggestion, brad daly

-- brad daly (, December 31, 1999


Very easy to solve but it takes some very high tech equipment. after you wash your prints, lay them on your screens or hang them up. When they are dry to the touch( the emulsion is dry) but still pliable( not quite completely dry) lay them someplace flat like a table and place a heavy book or two on top of them. Leave the book on top of the prints for a few hours to a day depending on how damp it is where you live. They will come out flat enough to mount with photo corners. Of course you have to have a high tech book. But not like nuclear physics or anything like that though. James

-- Mr.Lumberjack (, January 01, 2000.

Let me chime in with a variation on Mr Lumberjack's suggestion that I use with Ilford Paper (whose emulsion is delicate -- it can stick to & tear off the facing page it is pressed against.) 1) first dry the prints on a screen, and then 2) wet the BACK of the print with a sponge (keeping the emulsion side dry!) & press between blotter sheets weighted down by a book.

Happy printing.


-- Walt Bowen (, January 17, 2000.

The reason the edges are rumpled is because the emulsion is dry and so are the edges of the paper but not the center. The emulsion dries quickly so it won't stick to anything but the paper is just slightly damp. That's when you lay a book on top and let sit for a day. Another variation is to use smooth surfaced butcher or wrapping paper between each print. James

-- Mr.Lumberjack (, January 20, 2000.

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