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Friday December 31,
2:37 pm Eastern Time

Y2K status
report for India

(Reuters) - Below is a breakdown on how India is faring in dealing with the millennium bug in the key areas of electricity, telecommunications, water distribution and aviation.

Electricity: The Indian federal government said in a statement that the
power sector, including nuclear power generation, has met the Y2K
challenge successfully. ``All the five electric regions of the country
reported normal working of their generating power stations and
transmission lines at 0000 hours which was the crucial time for Y2K,''
the government said in a statement.

Telecommunications: State-run units as well as private sector telecom
companies had smoothly rolled into the new year without any Y2K
problems, said R.K. Gupta, the deputy director general in charge of
information technology at the Department of Telecommunications. ``All
over India, the telecom sector is functioning fine,'' he said.

Water: P.V Jayakrishnan, secretary, Ministry of Information Technolgy
said at 12:45 a.m. (1915 GMT) that there were no problems reported in
the water supply systems in the country.

Aviation: K. Ramalingam, Member (Planning), Airports Authority of
India, said that airports and airlines in the country were functioning

``We have reports from (all Indian) international airports that Y2K is
smooth. All the ground control and air traffic controls are fully functional.
The next rollover will take place at 0000 GMT, that is 5.30 a.m. in the
morning (Indian time),'' he said.

-- Brian (, December 31, 1999

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