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This interesting statement from Gambias report to the IY2KCC

General Comments: The Accountant General's Department (The Treasury) will experience problems. These will NOT BE ENTIRELY DUE TO Y2K. The problems exist in the Internal Reveune Department too. Here too their a level of non complaince but disruption or delays in service WILL NOT BE DUE TO Y2K ALONE. Thses expected reduced capacity are partly due to delay in receipt of promised assistance from donor/s and in the implemetation of planned overhaul of their systems. Work is progressing but HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED FROM GAMBIANS ABROAD AND other interested agencies in procuring the needed hardware and software and meeting the cost of installation.

How widespread is the problem?exist in the Treasury, Internal Revenue and Customs and Excise Department. These are the revenue generating department which explains the gravity of the problem When will it be operational?work is progressing. More help is needed in procuring and installing the needed hardware and software. HELP FROM GAMBIANS OVERSEAS WILL BE APPRECIATED.

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, December 31, 1999


Another thread on this board has info about Gambia. I'll post the Url here if I find it.

The Gambian government later denied such reports....

Y2K bug danger not over yet

03.01.2000 - By EUGENE BINGHAM


So far, the bug has proved mostly a phantom, with international authorities saying the only badly affected country is Gambia, where power cuts and systems failures are causing widespread problems. The Government has been forced to give everyone a day off work to relieve the pressure on electrical, transport, financial and other services.


The New Zealand Herald storyID=107699

-- Lee Maloney (, February 20, 2000.

Here's the GICC thread to more info about Gambia: "Gambia A-OK now all of a sudden?"

-- Lee Maloney (, February 20, 2000.

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