Power: First Russian Nuclear Plant Rolls Over OK (Bilibinsk, Russia) 1230 GMT

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MOSCOW, Dec 31 (Reuters) - The first Russian nuclear reactor to cross into the new millennium survived the Y2K computer bug test, Russia's atomic power company said in Moscow on Friday half an hour after the plant entered the New Year. ``At 3:00 pm Moscow time (1200 GMT) the staff of the Bilibinsk nuclear power plant met the New Year. In connection with the change of date no shutdown in the work of the equipment was observed,'' the Rosenergoatom firm, which manages eight of nine civilian nuclear power plants in Russia said in a press release at 1230 GMT. Itar-Tass news agency said radiation levels at the plant remained within normal bounds.

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (Steve@davislogic.com), December 31, 1999

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