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Hello Folks - thought you might be interested in Thailand and their status

Thailand Y2K Status Report

No major Y2K related incidents were reported to The National Y2K Command Center located at the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) headquarter at Changwattana neither from the Thai public via the center hot-line number 1200 nor The Government Y2K Command Centers around the country.

A total of 540 telephone calls was received by The National Y2K Command Center in Bangkok. The calls could be summarized as follow:

Telephone Calls for information (446 calls) Incidents report (94 calls). All incidents report calls were monitored and co-ordinations were made to concerned government departments and public enterprises. They were later determined not to be Y2K related.

Most incidents called to The National Y2K Command Center involved the problems with malfunction of the telephone handset for example, unable to connect to a particular telephone number or mobile phone. A total of 31 calls can be categorized into this category. A total of 21 telephone calls involved malfunction of household utilities such as water supply and blackouts. A total of 22 calls involved malfunction of household electric appliances such as television. Among these 22 calls, one call was received concerning an ATM machine which was reportedly providing an inaccurate balance. The rest of the calls received (20) did not have any relation to Y2K incidents at all.

Last Updated 31/12/99, 23.00

-- Genevieve Richer (, December 31, 1999

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