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It's now 4am on the eastern seaboard of Australia and nothing of consequence has occurred in the country. The tiring bit has been dealing with a flood of "good news". The main thing to watch out for seems to be congestion on the cell phone networks.

In South Australia, we've heard 3 times from all Government and major infrastructure 24 by 7's with virtually no incidents reported. There have been a few system-specific problems reported (eg. locally-produced hospital data capture software, and a ticket validation system for bus transport) but nothing that warrants any report of degradation of services.

The Millennium celebrations have been short and generally low key. Our Police Operations Control unit are almost bored.

All the best at your end - it's all over over here.

Home to bed.....

Mac Benoy, Manager, Contingency Planning Office for Year 2000 Compliance Government of South Australia p. +61 8 8226 1932 f. +61 8 8226 0844

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, December 31, 1999


Steve or Mac or whoever - perhaps you could tell me whether the failure of the Greater Union Marion (cinema) movie timetable display board on Jan first was a Y2K error or whether someone tripped over the power cord??

Whatever it was - it was the cause of my having to go into **2** separate queues to simply obtain 2 tickets to see 2 different movies - as only one queue would handle specific movie enquiries.

You don't consider this to be a MAJOR DEGRADATION OF SERVICES???

I was truly horrified to think that in our day and age I would need to enter two different queues in order to obtain the items that I NEEDED. This is an obvious "major degradation of service" and I don't know how you can be so nonchalant with this catastrophe.


I am, of course, just joking about the extent of my outrage - I am not outraged at all - but the incident at Greater Union did occur yesterday. So somewhere, somehow - y2k did hit!!!

That firework fizzled.

...also I had to reboot my PC 3x this morning until it worked same as normal - don't have any clue as to why this happened. Well, it's working now.

-- erica (, January 01, 2000.

...correction, it's Jan 2nd here, not Jan 1st.

-- erica (, January 01, 2000.

Government of Canada Y2K Transition Briefing

December 31, 1999, 20:30 hours

From Q&A report with Guy McKenzie, Assistant Secretary, Treasury Board Secretariat and National Spokesperson for the Government of Canada on Y2K Robert Peck, Spokesperson, Department of Foreign Affairs: ~snip~

Robert Peck: Well to be very frank in terms of the Y2K related problems internationally as of now there have just not been very many. I think Mr. McKenzie outlined earlier some of the problems that have been reported by our missions. Some of them are rather anecdotal but just to give you an idea, and some of them at this stage may not even be directly related to Y2K, for example glitches were reported in Tasmania in South Australia. There were urban bus systems which had minor problems with portable ticket validators but this problem was quickly resolved. ~snip~

D-Net (defence), Canada brief2030_br_e.htm

-- Lee Maloney (, February 15, 2000.

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