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We are, likely to get a lot of messages posted here and a lot of people looking for information. It will help everyone if we do our best to follow the posting guidelines and to consolidate comments into appropriate threads. Please make every effort to create a clear subject line that is descriptive and that has the location. Example: Gasoline shortage, Peoria, IL Follow-up messages should be added at the bottom of this page and not as a new question. Remember: No fake addresses Use your full name. Select the most appropriate category for the incident. Provide a URL link, if appropriate, as well as contact information for the source. SYSOPs will be deleting posts that do not comply with these basic requirements. Thank you! ---- from the GICC team

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, December 31, 1999


It would also be nice to include the local time in your posts.

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, December 31, 1999.


-- Critt Jarvis (, January 04, 2000.

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