I tried buying the tongue already

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Scott, I bought the tongue the first time I talked to Ecco. I have been back to talk to her several times with the tongue in my inventory. I didn't do the erase merrirman memory quest to get doloras keys though, I pick pocketed them off of him.

-- Lisa (rebosmi@erols.com), December 31, 1999


You can't get Ecco to talk until you give Dolora the key and ask her about Ecco. Then go talk to Ecco and after asking the right question she will take the tongue. Make sure you have the tears from the Curiousity shop though...

-- Justin (jedi1cat@yahoo.com), January 05, 2000.

Which tears? Deva's tears? Or the other ones? (Tear of Salieru-Dei, or something like that...)?

-- Rouver (driad@purdue.edu), January 09, 2000.

deva's tears

-- figboy (figboy_@hotmail.com), January 10, 2000.

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