Looking for a w115 diesel or early W123 deisel but keep reading....

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...there are a few caveats. I live in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, so the vehicle should be in BC or perhaps northern Washington State. I am looking for two different categories:

1) a super cheap W115 with nice sound body, interior and I don't care at all about the engine and transmission condition. I want to assemble a 300d from the ground up using known components. I would prefer to use a 300D to save on adaption hassles, but if the price/location/conditon is right, I will consider almost anything. I am not in too much of a hurry to do the project so I want to shop around for just the right body. If the car is driveable as is (see below) I would pay a bit more, just to make it easier to deliver. Or drive until the mechanicals die...

2) a pretty cheap w115 or early w123. Body has to be serviceable. I don't mind rust as long as it is not *too* structural and I can at least stabilize it. Ugly is fine. Any engine will do (yes, I will even consider a 200d...) as long as it runs *reasonably* well. I would prefer a standard tranny etc and would like the rest of the vehicle to be reasonably sound mechanically. I want this for a pootling around town second car (flat driving mostly) so smaller displacement engines such as the 200, 220, 240 are preferred.

Not asking for much, am I ;-)


-- Clinton Coates (ccoates@golder.com), December 30, 1999

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