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I heard the news about the crash of HBSC's 20,000 ATMs in Britain on CBS radio news twice this mid-day. In fact, CBS led with the story and cut-ins from London.

To my surprise, and puzzlement, it does not seem to have made a dent here. No ref in ABC World News Tonight...I didn;t check the others...And only more or less passing reference in news summaries.

Interesting, because I would have thought the London story would have created some stir here...

But it seems to indicate people are preoccupied, or totally complacent.

I write this with barley more than 48 hours till the witching time...Maybe the next two days will see some changes in the body social.


-- Bayard Stockton (, December 30, 1999


Complacency may reign just on the surface though. I was in Sears earlier today and one of the saleswomen was talking about how her daughter is so concerned about Y2K ... called her frantic when a building near where she lived blew up, thinking it was Y2K related. Don't know where it was though, forgot to ask. The other saleswoman commented that anything that happens now is going to be because of Y2K whether it is or not.

-- Barb (, December 30, 1999.

It is as if people are failing to put two and two together.

"oh thats over there not over here" unbelievable!!

only when it hits them right between the eyes!!

-- David Butts (, December 30, 1999.

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