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Bluewater Michigan Chapter, NRHS is the proud owner of ex-Southern 52-seat coaches #829 and #832 (Budd, 1949). We operate these cars in excursion service, and plan to restore the exteriors and interiors to original state wherever practical.

The time has come to reupholster the seats, and we are seeking information on the colors and fabric type. Currently, the cars have the light green upholstery, although we have seen a timetable photo that shows aisle and window seats being different colors. Questions:

- What is the appropriate fabric color for the seats, as well as that for the seat frames, walls, shades, floors and ceilings?

- Were the Budd cars decorated differently from the Pullman-Standard cars?

- We heard a rumor that Norfolk Southern disposed of a quantity of Southern seat matrial at the auction following the demise of the steam program. Has anybody heard anything about this?

We also want to restore the exterior appearance. Currently, the cars have black roofs and show evidence of the "Southern Serves the South" heralds near the doors. Questions:

- Were the roofs on these cars originally black or unpainted?

- When were the heralds applied?

Any info on where these cars were employed by the Southern would be helpful as well.

Mechanically, the cars are in pretty good shape. Since we bought them in the early 1980s, we have rebuilt all four trucks and reglazed the windows with Margard. As a practical consideration for excursion service, we removed the steam-ejector air conditioning systems and all steam heating equipment, and replaced them with converted Carrier Transicold diesel-powered heat pumps. The original genemotors are in place, but they only power the lights.

These two cars are among the smoothest-riding we have and are popular with our passengers. Any help with the above will be most appreciated. Thanks.

Bob Thatcher, President Bluewater Michigan Chapter, NRHS

-- Robert Thatcher (, December 30, 1999


The car roofs were originally unpainted. The heralds were there by 1968, possibly beginning in late 1967. It coincided with Graham Claytor's elevation to president.

Ben Lee

-- Ben Lee (, January 01, 2000.

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