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I am borrowing an orginial decal to see if I can get it reproduced for the W113 Sls. Did this decal change over the peroid from when this model was introduced in 1963 to 1971 or are their different verations? How many people would be interested if I can get this decal reproduced ? Also why has not someone though of this Idea since there are a prorica of reproduced decals for some of theses cars like the M100 groupe availible now. Do W113 owners show their cars or do they just drive them and are not concerned with resoration items this small to consider.

Bob Geco

-- Robert Geco (, December 29, 1999


I would be interested in getting a correct tire decal for an M113. A repro would be fine with me - anything to replace the one that is unreadable that I have.



-- Dan Taylor (, December 29, 1999.

Bob,I too, would be interested in the tire presure decal for my euro '63 230 SL. Please note, I have another e-mail address: which is where I work. Regards, Paul

-- Paul T. Sorgen (, December 30, 1999.

I have only two thirds of my decal so I owuld be interested in replacing it. I also wouldllike to replace the paper instruction for the opening and closing the soft top that is located in the top storage compartment. Mine is so worn away that it is virtually unreadable. have you had any luck in getting either of these decals? Thanks Jerry Gayvert

-- Jerry Gayvert (, October 26, 2000.

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