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Does anyone know of locations (yards, right of way, towns etc.) that might have been served by the Southern and the Chessie Systems? If so what kind of industries were served in that area? Thanks.

-- P. J. D'Aoust (, December 29, 1999


From 1/1945 copy of the Official Railway Equipment Register, C&O and Southern had the follwing interchange points:

Charlottesville, VA Cincinnati, OH Lexington, KY Louisville, KY (via IC) Lynchburg, VA Orange, VA Pinners Point, VA (via N&PBL) Potomac Yd., VA Richmond, VA

There may be other towns that both served without an interchange - I don't have any easy way to check. C&O had trackage rights over Southern between Orange and Alexandria, VA (AF Tower).

As for industries, can you narrow down the area (and time period) that you are interested in? It would be an effort to list all industries in all of these locations.

-- Jack Wyatt (, December 29, 1999.

Jack: I appreciate the information that you provided earlier. The time period that I am looking at is the late 60's to late 70's. The location that I prefer for industries would be either Cincinnati, Potomac Yd, and/or Richmond. To make it easier you can speak in general terms. Thanks again.

-- P.J. D'Aoust (, December 29, 1999.

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