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I have PowerMac G4 450 with 500MB of ram. I want to convert all of my animations to Video CD so I could view them with my DVD player. I have Toast and Media Cleaner and HEURIS MPEG converter but seem like nothing working for me. I got it converted into .MPG movies but when I try to use toast to all of my files,it said these files cannot created VIDEO-CD.

Do you know what I should get and to do? Thanks for millions .

-- long (long@markzware.com), December 28, 1999


first you have to start from the begining. use easy cd creator to create video cd format (mpeg1) burn your cd with nero, after that you can play them on your dvd but only if you use cdr's silver or cd rw's. otherwise only some dvd players can support them. tell me if it works on yours!

-- anacoreta rochinovsky (anarocha@mail.telepac.pt), February 02, 2000.


Obviously, there are not many Mac users in this community. Here's what I've learned--Toast used to be owned by a company called Astarte, which currently sells a program called M.Pack (for Mac). M.Pack compresses QuickTime movies into MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files. It also has a checkbox called "Toast-Ready", which creates a special format file that Toast can use as an "MPEG" stream. I don't know what software can create the "Disk Image" (the other input format Toast accepts). The good news is that you can download a demo version of M.Pack from www.astarte.de, and it will indeed create "toast-ready" files. It is apparent from reading the posts here that 'silver' media or CD-RW is required for playback on home Video DVD players (or your internal DVD-ROM--though if you have the 450, you must have the DVD-RAM--moneybags!). I wish I could tell you that this system works for me--my first attempt last night failed to yield a playable disc, presumably because I wasn't using the right media. I'll repost when I've got it right..

-- HardlySoft (tonyhatch@mac.com), February 11, 2000.

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