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I have two old Kodak folders. Technically they are not Brownies. So if it's against the rules please ignore the following.

I have two Kodak Jr Six-20 series III, similar to some Brownie folders. The bellow of one is leaky. The other is actually light-tight. What is the best way to preserve the bellow as well as fixing the leaks? Armor-all?

Thank you and have a safe and happy new year.

-- lei chen (, December 28, 1999


re: Bellows


First: the rule here is to have fun and hopefully to get some info!!

Now onto the bellows. It says in the Kodak pamphlet AA-13 to use leather dye if the bellows is leather. Allow the dye to become completely absorbed and then apply a second coat. Apply a generous coat of leather conditioner and wipe off the excess after the bellows absorb as much as possible.

If the bellows is not leather but paper there's not much you can do except try taping but the best would be to replace.

Here are some addresses that may help, I'm not sure these co's are all still in business:

Universal Bellows Company 25 Hanse Ave Freeport, NY 11520 516-378-1264

Western Bellows Company 11647 McBean Dr El Monte, CA 91732 818-579-2766

Flexible Products 14504 60th Street North Clearwater, FL 33520 805-536-3142

Turner Bellows 526 Child St Rochester, NY 14606 716-235-4456

Good Luck,

Chuck The Brownie Camera Pge

-- Chuck (, December 30, 1999.

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