Why my ECs drain new battery in no time ?

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When flashcubes were discontinued, I bought a Minox electronic flash for my ECs-unknown model no. and I no longer have the box; now, both of my cameras drain new batteries in no time (hours) so as to render the cameras useless. Anyone have similar problems? Solutio

-- Chris Aubry (chrissou@earthlink.net), December 28, 1999


Response to EC and electronic flash

If you own an EC which drains a new battery fast, the problem is the spring switch which governs the on/off of electric current loses its tension.

Put in a new battery. Close the EC, then open it slowly untill you hear a light 'click'. Point the camera toward a dark aren and you will see a red light lits up.

Slowly close the EC, while still looking throught the viewfinder at the red LED. If the on/off spring works normally, the red LED should turn off when you close the camera only a few millimeters.

That means the on/off switch is indeed OFF when the camera is closed.

If the red light does not turn off even when you nearly close the EC, it means that the on/off switch is still ON when the camera is fully close, and you have a red LED draining the current at all time. That explains why your EC eats up new battery like hot dog.

The cure either adjust the contact spring, or replace it with a new part

The --^ like spring can be seen which take the shell off EC ( such as when loading film )

Some the the problem can be cure easily with a pair of twizzer. If not you need to send it in for repair.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), December 28, 1999.

The EC "on" switch is built into the spring of the film gate. The two parts of the spring are metal that touch together when the camera is opened and the film gate is pushed onto the film. These two parts of the spring/switch are held to the plastic film gate by small plastic rivits that can shear off if the camera is dropped when open. If one is broken the switch will be on all the time causing rapid battery drain. The broken spring can be superglued back on to the film gate but only glue in the rivit area to allow the spring to flex.

-- John S Shaw (palmtop@ihug.co.nz), December 30, 1999.

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