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I am trying to confirm the pre-ACL identity of the Cafe Lounge car Goldsboro. For some reason I believe it was the Pullman car-Wayfarer or Traveler. This was a Parlor-diner-lounge built in 1911 and rebuilt once by Pullman prior to its sale to ACL in 1944. It should be noted that the names Augusta and Goldsboro are the second names to be applied to cars on the ACL. The first Augusta and Goldsboro were parlor-diners operated by Pullman. The Augusta was then assigned to PRR service and renamed B'nai Brith. The second Augusta was one of the Cafe Lounge cars on the 1932 George Washington-"Ashland". I have the full history on that car.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, December 28, 1999


I had a problem with my E-mail and some of the text was jumbled. The proper answer is that the Goldsboro started out as the 26 seat 1 drawing room parlor PHILIPPA. It was built by Pullman 6/11 as a plan 2416 car under lot 3902. In 1932, it and a sister car, the MINERVA, were rebuilt as 14 parlor seat 20 lounge seat cars WAYFARER and RAMBLER for use on the Wabash. In 1937 the WAYFARER was reassigned to the Atlantic Coast Line and was renamed GOLDSBORO, replacing a previous car with the same name. The car was sold to the ACL in October 1944 and kept the same name. The GOLDSBORO's sister car, the AUGUSTA, was originally built as a 16 section sleeper by Pullman 6/13 under plan 2412B, lot 4160. It was rebuilt as one of three cafe lounge cars for the C&O's 1932 George Washington on 4/32 under Pullman plan 4018. It was sold to the ACL Oct 1944 and was renamed AUGUSTA. ACL subsequently modernized the car, but most of the 1932 interior was kept intact.

The computer jumbled the car names Philippa and Minerva as I was trying to do deletes and inserts. I guess if the two cars were ever in a collision, they could become the Philomena! Sorry for the glitch.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, February 24, 2000.

I guess that I have to answer my self. after talking to noted Pullman historian R. Wayner, he confirmed that the Goldsboro was indeed the Wayfarer in a previous life. the car started out as the parlor Philomena, and was converted to a parlor cafe car in 1932 and called the Wayfarer. It ran on the Wabash until 1937 when it was transferred to the ACL. It ran on the ACL under Pullman ownership until Oct. 1944 when it was sold to the ACL.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, February 23, 2000.

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