Tennessee peanuts in Vermont

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I grew Tenessee peanuts here in northern Vt.'I even harvested a fair amount- I would like to know how to store them for next years planting, as well as how to roast them. Thanks, Danielle@ Witchcat Farm

-- Witchcat Farm (poor farm@ together.com), December 26, 1999


I done grew me some peanuts for nigh on ten yers. Thank god for George WArshington Carver! When isens store my peanuts for da winter, i likes to shove dem in some bayou mud. The nutreents and da protin make them thar peanuts taste right delicious. Just like mama's breast milk used to. when ya roast em but a little hog crappy on em to give the flavor a tangy kick. It el get ya here and it ill get ya right here just like my secret bbq recipie. thats bout all i know bout peanuts. email me if got any other questions.

-- farmer Jessie Brownburg (thnautic853@aol.com), December 27, 1999.

Why is it that anytime some mention of the south comes up, some fool has to start making fun? The way my mother stored peanuts was: Dry them in the sun for several days, turning twice each day, until the peanut rattles in the hull. Shake as much dirt as possible from them, then store in mesh bags, paper bags, old pillowcases, or even old hosiery. To roast, put peanuts still in the shell in a medium oven (300-350) in a shallow pan in a single layer. Roast until you can begin to smell them cook, then take one out, let it cool, and taste it. Cook until it reaches the doneness you prefer, as different people like them different ways. I have heard of people soaking the peanuts in heavily salted water overnight before roasting to get the salt taste in them, but never tried it or ate any that had been done that way. Good luck.

-- A.C. Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), December 29, 1999.

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