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I have a new Black and White photography personal site, whith and extense gallery of my projects, which had been awarded many times during the last years. Now I decided to build my own Web site, which I think looks great, but I would like to promote it and get more visits. I ask for help to other webmasters who solve this problem. Please visit my site and tell me about problems you find.

-- Jordi V. Pou (, December 26, 1999


Jordi, I can't figure out how to enter your site.

-- Christian Harkness (, December 26, 1999.

Jordi, here is what is happening, but I don't know why. When I go to your url via copying it from your post on B&W world, I get the 'opening page' but when I click on 'English Version', nothing happens. When I clicked on the hot link you sent me via e-mail, I was able to enter your site by clicking on 'English Version.'

-- Christian Harkness (, December 27, 1999.

The link to the English version worked fine.

Please get rid of the music. While I have "Play Sounds" disabled on my browser, the music still played.

Nice use of Javascript.

The site has a very good layout. Unfortunately, promotion is not something I can give you much good advice. Try joining some web rings, listing it with Yahoo and other directory/search engine pages.

Some of the photos showed a very good use of long shutter speeds. I liked them.

-- Brian C. Miller (, December 29, 1999.


Some advice from a webmaster and a photographer: a. Photography sites are "heavy" by definition and there is no need to meke this even worse by including useles java applications, javascripts, animated gifs, sounds, etc. Just show us your work!! As an example you included a script that prevents a viewer to right-click on your image and you think this way you prevent someone to "Save Image As...". Wrong! All your images rest gracefully in the cash folder. But this stupid javascript prevents me to check what type of files you use and what is the size - O.K I have looked in the cash. I think that you used to high jpeg-compression that visibely ruined your (ithervice) beatufill image. Instead of shrinking images to 15kb and include "contamonates" use 25~30 kb images, and let all other garbage go...!! b. Red text on black background is one of the worst combination - it is very dificult to read the titles. Othervice, very nice work

-- Zeev Kantor (, December 31, 1999.

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