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hello Eric,

I send you this mail to get some information about interrogate databse SQLServer6.5 by the web. I want to know just with which Seve web can i interrogate my database like for example: IIs, PWS.

Note: With those server web can i connect to my databse (Netscape, WebSpeed, Apache...), if it true can you explain me which application i must to deveploed for each server web (like ASP-> IIS and PWS) (PHP -> Apache if it is possible)...

Thanks and happy Christmas

-- Anonymous, December 24, 1999



My favorite tool is Allaire's ( ColdFusion. With ColdFusion, you make ColdFusion Meta language pages (*.cfm files). ColdFusion also allows use of the same scripting languages that Active Server Pages (*.asp files) do, so if you have already developed ASP pages you will not lose your coding investment. The cost of ColdFusion Server is $3500. The client development tool, ColdFusion studio is about $400.

The advantages that ColdFusion offers are that the language is elegant. You code with ColdFusion tags that look very much like HTML tags. Coding with tags is very linear. That is, with tags you seldom have to use if-then-else constructs or looping construct. Also, ColdFusion automatically handles the database connections; you do not have to explicitly code the database open and close operations as you do with Active Server Pages. Third parties have developed custom tags which, for the most part, are available free of charge, source included.

I don't know which OSes besides NT that ColdFusion 4.0 is available on, but ColdFusion Server 4.5 will be available on Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux.

Mery Christmas to you as well.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, December 24, 1999

hello Eric,

I want to know just if with the others server web i can interrogate my database or no, because i know to interrogate it i must have a server web and i don't know which one is the best, so which you advice me.

Thanks :))

-- Anonymous, December 27, 1999

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