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Did Southern ever utilize Pullman pool-service cars? If so, on which trains? Which trains, besides the Southerner, carried Pennsylvania run-through cars? Thanks.

-- Joe Daniels (, December 24, 1999


A lot of the Southern's trains used Pullman pool service cars. Even the streamlined Crescent used some two tone gray Pullman heavyweights at times. The Sunnyland also used some pool Pullmans. Pullman also used spare sleepers off other roads to fill in for regular SR cars out for repairs. Prewar NYC 20th Century Ltd. observations were used on the Crescent at least once in place of its regular Royal series observation. One of the Royal Palm's Royal series observations was destroyed while being used on UP's City of Los Angeles. Once a B&O flat end observation was substituted for the regular Crescent club car. In later years I saw MP, GN, and SP sleepers on the Crescent too. Pullman had the cars under lease and the ability to move them around and substitute them. Overflows, military movements, conventions, and repair replacements brought out different Pullmans. It made passenger train watching interesting. Several trains carried runthrough PRR Pullmans, both heavyweights and red and stainless lightweights. Both the Crescent and the Piedmont Limited used them at times.

Ben Lee

-- Ben Lee (, January 01, 2000.

Also the Pelican and Birmingham Special used quite a few run through N&W pullmans which resembled PRR cars. The Royal Palm and New Royal Palm used some NYC pullmans from Detroit, Clevland, Buffalo, etc to Miami, esp. in the winter time.

-- bill haithcoat (, May 26, 2004.

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