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Couldn't find message 0025PR. Probably it was deleted by the forum maintainer.


Will these nitwit Tinfoils be here to apologise in January? : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

No, I don't think so either - The yucks just keep on coming from the disciples of the church of Doom

"Electricity: Kiss It GoodBye For A Long Time" Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, November 09, 1999. "I think the power will go off on Dec 31. I'm expecting weeks of power outages..." -- Crono (, November 11, 1999. "Since my power company is PSE&G the answer is NO! They started late and haven't caught up. I expect 2-3 weeks of black with 6-8 months of 'dirty' juice." TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), November 10, 1999. "All in all, I expect to be without electrical power for AT LEAST 10 days. That's my definition of a "BITR". " GoldReal (, November 10, 1999.

-- Y2K Pro (, December 23, 1999

-- cpr (, December 23, 1999

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