What kind of Six-20 Brownie is it?

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My grandmother bought me a Six-20 Brownie for christmas and I wanted some more info. on it. One problem, so many types of Six-20 Brownies!!! Which one is mine? It has 3 lenses on the front, a 620 film rewinder, and a lens switch that says 5-10 ft, Beyond 10 ft. If you have any clue please respond!

-- Brandy Murphy (discocat85@hotmail.com), December 23, 1999


re: 620 Brownie

Hi Brandy,

Let's figure this out but you need to give abit more information. Is it a box camera? What exactly does it have printed around the lens? Please write it as it appears around the lens in order. Does it have a handle and does the handle have anything printed on it? Have you opened it and if so is there anything printed in the film holder?

Let's start with that!


-- Chuck (chuck9toe@aol.com), December 23, 1999.

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