halifax new policy not to chase after 6 years

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My mother sent me a cutting from the Daily Mail saying that the halifax have a new policy not to chase mortgage debt after 6 years to bring it in line with other debts. apparently NACAB advised they do this. They are now advising other lenders to follow suit. Any views on this? Will Abbey National fall in line with this? Will my #50,000 debt be eliminated so i can start having a life again?

-- indigo (indigo@hurwitzend.demon.co.uk), December 22, 1999


I am afraid to dissappoint you.If you have already been contacted before Feb 2000 the 6 year limitation does not,according to CML,apply. We lost our house in 91 were not contacted untill 97 are bieng summonsed to court on a regular basis and are being hounded for #31.000.Imagine our relief on hearing about the 6 year rule.Imagine our dismay on being told that it didn`t apply to us as we had already been contacted prior to the affective date.We fight on.

-- Colin and Jaky Jones (jones.colin2@talk21.com), May 23, 2000.

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