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We currently have SQL Server 6.5 SP5a installed. I am the SQL DBA for the area. The clients developers)workstations were not updated with the SP5a release (vanilla 6.5 is installed). A VB 5.0 app is under development which uses ADO 2.0. When multiple developers run the same process through the app within seconds of each other, the subsequent logins are locking in tempdb with CREATE TABLE command. The process that appears to be running is 'sp_ddopen' which was installed with SP5a. I have been able to view this through DBArtisan. Also, if someone accesses Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager for that server, a lock appears. I have been unable to find any documentation on this system stored proc other than opening the proc and seeing a comment "Procedure for pre-7.00 server". This is bizarre for me to see. Any ideas as to what is happening? Do we need to install the 5a client on the workstations? Through Performance Monitor, I was able to see that only 11% of tempdb was being utilized. Thank you very much for any information you can provide.

-- Anonymous, December 22, 1999



I would install the 5a client on the workstations. I would also double check that the client is using an account that has been granted the ability to create a table (that is, is aliased as dbo). If the problems still exist, I would, suspecting a bug, contact Microsoft Product Support Services.

For details on how to contact Microsoft PSS see http://support.microsoft.com/support/supportnet/default.asp.

You will need to provide about $200 on a credit card, but this amount will be refunded if the problem is, in fact, due to a Microsoft bug. Don't despair. The last two times I contacted Microsoft PSS, I got the charge refunded.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, December 26, 1999

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