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i am using a dexter mat cutter for my mat cutting. the bottom of the mat cutter has degenerated ( a 4 ply mat layer) and i have peeled off the paper layer which was originally glued to the mat cutter itself. i plan to reglue another piece of 4 ply mat board in the shape of the cutter as a replacement.

does anyone have a better solution or has experienced this situation?

-- raymond a. bleesz (, December 22, 1999


Raymond: Are you sure the mat board on the bottom of your cutter is original? I have two Dexter cutter and both have just the aluminum botom. It could have been added to make up for the wrong size blade or blade adjustment out of whack. It would seem that a mat board glued to the bottom would make it hard to operate and increase the chances of trapping foriegn objects that would ruin the mat you are cutting. Is there a Dexter dealer or framing shop nearby that you can check with to see if yours is properly set up? Doug

-- Doug Paramore (, December 25, 1999.

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