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Im looking for advice. I would like to build up a budget digital video set including digital camcoder and editing system. Budget means that I would like to spend not more than 15 000 USD ( around 10 000 if it should be enough for a start up). The idea is to be able to shoot and eventually edit some documentary and some corporate advertising or PR stuff. Ive heard that many TV producers are widely using camcoders like SONY VX-1000, even if they do not admit it. SONY TRV 900 and DSR PD 100 also seam interresting. Ive also heard a lot of good about Canon GL-1, that seams a cheaper alternative to SONY. Canon XL-1 is also interresting, but it is difficult for me what to chose and why. So thare are my questions: 1. Which camcoder to choose and why ( SONY VX-1000, Canon GL-1, Canon XL-1 or other in the same range of price). I would greatly appreciate some users comments on practical use and sagnificance of some features like bigger CCD element, LCD screen, manual operation, time code and other info recorded, compatibility with editing systems etc. etc. 2. How to construct a budget editing tool compatible to choosen equipment. If the PC is the right choice, what are the minimum parameters it should have to nicely handle editing of, say, 30 min. Documentary. What platform? Windows 98, Windows NT? Mac??? Would prefer PC - I'm more used to it. 3. What editing software to choose? The main task for it will be to handle simple editing (NLE I suppose), without the need of having stunning FX effects. 4. What is FireWire?

I will greatly appreciate all your answers and suggestions.

Piotr Mrozinski

-- Piotr Mrozinski (mrozek@wbj.pl), December 22, 1999

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