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I want to challenge Phil Lamat's score in Quiz and Dragons US for two reasons...

One, the version / date is wrong, mame35 submitted in Dec. 99?

Second, it appears he used the cheat for correct answers on the game.

-- Chris Parsley (, December 21, 1999


While you're at it, why not challenge all mame34 recordings submitted the past two months? (1) Where is it written that you can't use an older version of MAME? (2) Some older versions work a LOT better for some people than newer versions. (3) mame35 is the LATEST FINAL (NON- BETA) release...

And anybody can get huge scores on question/answer type games. Just play them often enough, memorise (or even write down) all the correct answers, and voila!


Ben Jos.

-- Ben Jos Walbeehm (, December 22, 1999.

I have looked at the recording in question, and it struck me as odd as well. It simply isn't possible to memorize which answer it will be due to Quiz and Dragons randomizing which letter the answer is, and I think that is what Chris was challenging on, not necessarily the version. (Except that the cheat works better in Mame35Final than the 36 series, as the cheats are buggy in the newer versions)

-- Simple point (, December 22, 1999.

One : since I arrived on marp I always played with final versions (except for the "m33b4 games" and recently for pong) ; m35 is the latest final so I use this one for the moment , that's all. Second : after several plays of qad , a lot of questions are coming back and , as Ben said , you can memorize the good answers for the following games

Now Parsley -once more- why don't you challenge your own scores : * could you explain us how you can manage to read japanese better than K. Okamoto and N.Kosaka on qadj ????? * could you explain us your "13000" on atarifb4 ? and it's useless to erase this score as you did before when you prooved your lying abilities ( cf "ccastles yeah right" thread) for abaseb

-- phil (, December 22, 1999.

Here we go again.....

-- MvdV (, December 23, 1999.

When did it become illegal to know more than one language??? Especially in the business world, that is a positive, rather than a negative. I've translated a game for QT, so I think I know it. Since, in your post, you all but physically said that you did use the cheat, please remove your score.

-- Chris Parsley (, December 23, 1999.

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