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Crash Index: -10 Status:Crash Alert

Updated: DEC. 20, 1999

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The Market Crash Index is 100% mechanical and is provided to us courtesy of IMF. This indicator has never failed to signal before a major market crash. It lets us know when the conditions are right for a crash so we can step to the side, or increase short positions.

How do I use the Market Crash Index??

There are just 2 simple rules:

When the Market Crash Index reaches a -10 we exit the market of any risky short-term long positions, and will increase the number and size of our short trades.

When the Crash Index then reaches a +6, it is then safe to start picking up long positions again, and is time to reduce the number of short trades in our portfolio.

It's as easy as that. This is not a market timing tool designed to constantly switch in and out around small corrections. This index is used as a leading indicator to warn of the possibility of a large negative drop in the market, (20% or more), as indicated by a failure in underlying market fundamentals.

Pitbull Investor Guidelines For a -10 PCI READING:

Exit or convert all margin positions to non-margin until the PCI signals all clear. Exit all riskier 4 letter stocks( 4 letter meaning Nasdaq or OTC issues) Increase short positions on selected stocks, (see Pitbull Shorting Selections)

This indicator has never failed to get us out in time for a major market crash, usually providing at least two weeks advance notice.

Past Crash Signals located at

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-- bbb (, December 20, 1999


Sort of like how the market was going to collapse in October? Or how it wouldn't survive into July because of bank runs.

-- Village Idiot (, December 20, 1999.

The Market Crash Index is not infallible, in that a crash does not happen every time it indicates one is coming. However, if one is coming, it is indicated by the Index.

This is confusing even to me and I'm the one explaining it. In other words, all the market crashes (meaning nasty drops leading to bear markets) since the 1960's have Index indicators preceding them. However, there have been some occasions when the Index indicated a crash but the crash did not occur. So if one is upcoming soon, it will be indicated by the Index.

-- cody (, December 20, 1999.

And how much does Pitbullshit cost?

-- (shuckinandjivin@spam.alert), December 20, 1999.

Thanks for the info bbb & cody. Ignore the morons, thier handles speak volumes. Your updates ARE appreciated.

on de rock

-- Walter (on de, December 21, 1999.

BTW, when was this indicator last tested, 1929?

-- Dave (, December 21, 1999.

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